Various aviation contracts, Bangui, The Central African Republic

Scope of the Project We positioned 2 Aircraft in Bangui, the Central African Republic for 18 months to facilitate a service to supply aviation alternatives to the community. Activities Passenger Services Cargo MedEvac Standby NGO extraction Clientelle:  SUCAF, SECAF, Alein safaris, Banks (Central bank) 2019 – 2020

Remote medical services for personnel for Delonex Oil & Gas. Kanem Region, West Chad

Scope of Project We were contracted to provide Medical personnel, consumables, equipment and Administrative services to the Medical contractor for a remote site in Western Chad on an Oil and Gas rig site. Activities Provide medical personnel for a remote oil and Gas site Provide medical equipment and consumables Provide and manage medical evacuation and […]

Bosaso International Airport

Scope of Project: We offered engineering and construction services for the refurbishment and construction of the runway Activities Survey the runway for construction and expansion Refurbish the runway pavement Key Project Information Agency: Bosaso Civil Aviation Authority Contract: 2020 – Ongoing Location: Bosaso, Somaliland

Procurement & Logistics Contract. Juba, South Sudan

Scope of the Project We were asked to set up and supply a company with Logistics, Procurement, Administrative and HR capabilities. Activities Provide Procurement services (Vehicles, household items, office space and equipment) Provide Life Support services (housing, communication, medical) HR capabilities to supply staff, rotations Administration Services Key Project Information Agency: USAID Client: Southern Sudan Affiliated Services […]

Hospitality Services. Juba, South Sudan

Scope of the Project: Fill an urgent requirement to provide safe Accommodation facilities to NGO’s, Aid Agencies and Contracting firms. Once the CPA was signed there was an influx of companies that needed Hotel and Office facilities. Activities Build and Manage a 30 unit Hotel for long term clientele in South Sudan Rental of office […]

Port of Bosaso, Bosaso Puntland, Somalia

Scope of Project: We Conducted a Bathymetry Survey of the Inner, Outer & Approach sections for the Port of Bosaso. In addition, we located underwater debris and legacy shipwreck locations. In Relation, the Selected and surveyed offshore spoils dumping site. Activities Engineered dredging plan and provided project maps & exhibits Installed a solar Tidal Gauge […]

Multiple Locations, The Democratic Republic Of The Congo

Scope of Project: We offered engineering and construction of foundation works, including the development and preparation of towers for use. Activities Managed site security and local labour contracts Issued required documentation and certificates for commercial use Installed and certified solar anti-collision lights Installed and certified all safety systems and equipment mounts. Key Project Information Agency: […]

Green Zones, Mogadishu, Somalia

Scope of Project: We provided & installed perimeter security and blast protection systems for the green zone perimeter and high-value assets for AMISOM. Activities 10,000m+ of security fencing installed 25/10 vehicle/pedestrian gates built & installed Vocational training for the local workforce to the support project Key Project Information Agency: United Nations (UNSOA) 2010 – 2012 […]

Mogadishu International Airport, Mogadishu, Somalia

Scope of Project: We assessed the current operating conditions at the airport and recommended upgrading the airport to international standards. Activities Site survey and Engineering design for Assessment Report & Runway Lighting Procurement & Installation of Solar Aviation lighting System Procurement & installation of APAPI Landing Guidance System Training & Handover to United Nations and […]

Tehachapi, Mountains United States

Scope of Work: 150 Megawatt wind energy project containing 100 ~ 1.5 MW General Electric turbine sites. They needed civil engineering efforts to allow environmental professionals to focus their energy on smaller corridors of ultimately disturbed land. The project included approximately 40 miles of access roads, and site engineering for a concrete batch plant, substation, […]