Everis Group our technology partner for aerospace and defence

Everis Group is Gossamer Crossing technology partner for aerospace and defence, ATM, UTM, Airport management systems, satellite communication, training & simulation.

The Everis Group’s Aerospace and Defence Division offers global solutions for implementing critical systems in aerospace, defence, security and simulation sectors, integrating reliable and innovative technologies through proprietary development and through the SMEs with which the Group has strategic alliances as leading partners.

Everis Aerospace and Defence combines the solidity of a multinational leader with twenty years of experience and thousands of employees, with the agility, flexibility and innovative capacity of SMEs that are part of the group, operating in leading-edge technological sectors, such as developing and manufacturing drones and design simulators and implementing biometric systems.

Services they Provide

  1. Unmanned systems
  2. Target drones
  3. Autopilots
  4. ATM & UTM
  5. Airports Management
  6. Defence systems
  7. Special vehicles
  8. C4ISR Solutions
  9. Training and simulation
  10. Monitoring and intelligence
  11. Security and cybersecurity

For More Information

Everis Aerospace

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